Friday, 9 June 2017

Google’s Upcoming Gmail App Expected to Include Yahoo and Outlook Account Support

Google’s Upcoming #Gmail App #Expected to #Include Yahoo and Outlook Account Support

Syncing one's emails with an Android device has always presented a well-known plight for users who have email accounts open with providers other than Google. The main conflict is that the Google's mail app can only sync with Gmail accounts, so users with other email accounts have to hop from one app to another.
Well, the dilemma ultimately appears to be coming to an end, as a latest ad for Android’s Lollipop modified version of the Gmail app reveals that it maintains email accounts from Yahoo, Outlook and others. Giving access to other email accounts would definitely enhance the efficiency and reputation of Gmail’s mobile app.
Gmail for Android has usually supported only Google’s own mail service, but it looks like search giant wants to assist Android users handle all of their mail from within its Gmail app. A leaked video shows the latest Gmail app, and Google notes in it that more than just Gmail, Yahoo, and accounts are maintained. It looks like Exchange ActiveSync is supported, as in the Android mail client, which could bring the end of toggling between mail clients on Android for the majority of users. Yahoo and are an addition for Android users, and it’s an advance from Google that may also aid keep phone makers bundling apps like Gmail with devices.
Features of the updated Gmail app:
  • New Gmail app comes with a new Material Design layout that offers shrinking and expanding capabilities.
  • The New layout offers elements that dynamically adds more white space between those elements, kicks in animation, and looks more 3D owing to shadows and lighting effects.
  • Updated Gmail app will be having wide variety of features which help you to access your emails in a single place.
  • It also lets you seamlessly move from one email account to the other just by tapping the icons on the screen.
Google’s Gmail 5.0 for Android is unavailable yet, but we anticipate seeing it arrive in the upcoming weeks together with Android L. Most of the changes take in:
  • Updated iconography,
  • Tweaked buttons,
  • Rounded avatars,
  • Improved compose mail screen.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

7 Improvements That the Users Wish to See In iOS 9!

7 Improvements That the Users Wish to See In iOS 9!

Few news reports and some sources say that Apple would launch a new version of mobile operating system (iOS 9). There is a huge expectation on the new version; iOS 9 would come with few functionality improvements and solid stability. It’s being said that iOS 9 development would be consistent with what Apple has done till now. Every year Apple has been releasing a major upgrade of iOS. So this year too we can expect a new iOS version. This year, Apple is mainly focusing on the internal functionality of the OS instead of the improvements on user interface and the app functionality which is most required for the users.
Here is the list of improvements to be done on iOS 9:
  1. Some Back-End improvements: Though iOS 8 is providing a solid user experience, minor improvements on the reaction speed and stability would be very good. According to some sources, Apple is currently working on some enhancements which would make the operating system faster, responsive and less likely to crash. Improvements on back-end are certainly not flashy; but they are the ones which are necessary to induce users to deploy new software.
  2. Apple Maps’ still isn't perfect: Mapping application on apple still has a long way to go to match up to the standards of Google maps and hence its reliability has also been questioned when it is put up with Google maps. The app lacks in offering street view experience that Google map is offering. This is the main feature that has made so popular. No doubt that ‘Apple Maps’ will be a solid mapping platform if some minor improvements are done.
  3. Improvement on Siri: Siri might be the first personal assistant which was out; but users argue that Microsoft’s Cortana which was let out later is much better than Siri. Because Cortana comes with a refined feel that doesn’t feel more robotic. It also has some complex features like awareness on the activity of the users. Currently Siri is still a passive assistant that needs some directions; but that’s not the case of Cortana. This is what the users are expecting to be rectified in iOS 9.
  4. Multiuser support: There were some rumours that multiuser support would be out with iOS8 itself. But it never made its way to reach the platform. But now, the time has come for Apple to allow its users to have multiple accounts. This feature will be commonly used on iPhone which is typically used by an individual; but we will get to know the value of multiple user accounts on a family iPad.
  5. Guest mode for extra security: Nowadays users are much worried about the security of their devices. So most of the people refuse to give their iPad or iPhone to others to use. So a Guest mode will be nice addition to iOS. Having this feature, users can create firewalls around their accounts so that the data can’t be stolen. So it seems like Guest mode is a much needed feature in iOS9 9.
  6. FaceTime with group video calls: FaceTime is a fantastic way to get connected through video conferencing. But it would be excellent if it supports more than one video feed at a time. Like Skype, FaceTime could also come up with the support for simultaneous video connections that allow group of people to connect through a single video call.
  7. Split-screen multitasking: Apple has been doing a great job from the past few years on the multitasking feature. However, the next option is to add split screen functionality that allow users to use two applications simultaneously. This feature would make more sense if it’s used on an iPad; but it could also work well on phones with larger screens like iPhone 6 Plus.
At Fortune Innovations Sydney, we have skilful iPhone developers who possess a keen understanding on the latest development methods and trends. We analyse your requirements thoroughly and provide an ideal solution. We assure you with the timely delivery of the project, as clients’ satisfaction is our main concern. Please reach out to us for any requisites on iPhone app development.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

SEO Services Aids in Improving the Website Rankings and Traffic Successfully

SEO Services Aids in Improving the Website Rankings and Traffic Successfully

SEO Services Aids in Improving the Website Rankings and Traffic Successfully

Getting a fresh website launched can be a thrilling time period for many people. Then, comes the understanding that one need traffic to their website so that it can prove profitable for their business. Without this, you will have problems in getting their website gainful for their business.
In this case, one must know more about how to pick the best SEO Company for their website to make it noticeable by the search engines.
Marketing agency has the person competent in most media-related advertising activities. Employing social networking sites such as for example Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which currently control the computer screen of everyone, more and more businesses want to promote their products on these social networking sites.
People will get twitter marketing and Facebook marketing professionals who have considerable skills in building techniques for marketing items through social media.
Many of the website designs are very proficient in this region and may offer their services at an economical expense. Internet search engine optimization experts are talented and are conscious of most efficient optimization tactics.
Most of the website optimization companies get engaged in separate teams for artwork, images, optimization and their teams take benefit of the latest and most advanced application for profitable execution of website optimization.
Why the Significance of SEO Services in the Online World Is over Highlighted?
A usual SEO package is able to offer all that is required in making a website search engine friendly. Inexpensive SEO services are important for the continued growth of an online business.
Round the world these days, individuals seek the accurate information for the trustworthy result. The use of the Internet is the most influential standard for every person. Currently, businesses and companies do not overlook the media and use of eCommerce for their site in endorsing and marketing their products and services.
Internet marketing is all but needed to compete in the ever-growing market scene. From desktops to smart phones, the modern customer has a steady connection to thousands of contenders all rivaling to sell the same product. The modern customer is also product-savvy; they know what they wish for, how they want it, what they are ready to spend, and how far they are willing to go to acquire it. All of these aspects mean that the business with the finest web design – and website development team – is most likely to draw more patrons.
Certainly most individuals would use Internet for such latest information by clicking on the net. While for business endeavors, it is a big challenge as how they would take on the Internet and offer pertinent information considering their products and services. To reach the potential market with their services and products, businesses employ eCommerce to give an amazing strategy for their site. In this era of eCommerce, an entrepreneur needs to know about eCommerce and how it gives a wonderful effect to their company. The entrepreneur needs to enhance the visibility and the image market of their site, this takes in the traffic and page rank of the site. For site visibility one needs quality SEO services that would give the probable way of promoting the traffic site.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Top WordPress Landing Page Plug-ins

The Top WordPress Landing Page Plug-ins
A complete list of landing page WordPress plug-ins that will let you to build powerful and high converting sales pages, squeeze pages, welcome pages, and more easily. Many of these landing page plug-ins are able to create corporate style landing pages with just a few clicks.
We have already shared a list of sales page themes and here we are going to talk about the best landing page premium plug-ins.
With these plug-ins, you can easily create a beautiful page without changing the existing theme or design.
Optimize Press 2.0
Optimize Press is an incredible solution for developing great looking landing pages in minutes. Before it was only obtainable as standalone WordPress theme, but with Optimize Press 2.0, you obtain a complete solution, a plug-in, a theme, and a complete membership solution.
The first version was released a few years ago. To get the landing squeeze page, you have to change the design of your website.
But with Optimize Press 2.0, you will get both a plug-in and a theme. You will be capable of adding beautiful looking sales pages to your site, without changing the main theme.
This is a kind of plug-in that will make an influential addition to your business website, if you are seeking to do any kind of promotion, marketing, or lead generation on line.
InstaBuilder plug-in will aid you build nice looking sales / landing pages that will let you to endorse your products, produce leads, and much more. The price of the Instabuilder is cheap compared to other plug-ins listed here. It only costs around $47 to get a single-site license. You will be contended with the quality of the product. The plug-in has features such as – custom background, video integration, exit redirects, etc and almost everything that a landing page plug-in requires.
One thing that’s really nice about this plug-in was Countdown Timer and OTO pages. If you have bought some products online, chances are you have already seen one of those “One time or limited special offer” pages that say – once it’s gone it’s gone. This is generally employed by internet marketers to make added revenue by giving a limited time discount.
PT Instant
PT Instant is fairly like Profits Theme, which is built by the same company. This plug-in lets you build corporate style landing pages, confirmation pages, squeeze pages, and more, with just a few clicks. And the pages are pre-loaded with the sample content, which you can restore with your own copy.
The plug-in is optimized for tablet and smart phone, meaning your landing page will be deliver flawlessly for viewing on all devices. This is plug-in has some incredible features such as Real OTO Pages, Tabbed Content, Point n Click Marketing Graphics, 1 Click Duplication, Exit Traffic Redirect, Split Testing, and much more.
Profits Theme (not a plug-in)
Profits Themes is recommended by some of the most authority bloggers in the industry, and has some fantastic features for end-users.
Profits theme has features such as – Instant page generator, easily integrates with paypal, built-in membership software, delayed order buttons, one time offer pages, exit redirect, link cloaking, and much more.
This theme allows you to produce sales pages, membership pages, privacy, disclaimer pages, and more, with just a click. It offers sample text for landing pages that you can replace with your own copy.
Again, this is a theme, not a plug-in. Meaning you won’t be able to use it with your current design / theme.
The Bottom Line
Having tested all the popular landing page plug-ins, it becomes clear that one plug-in that stands above from the rest is Optimize Press 2.0. Another great plug-in is OptinMonster. It captures leads by showing timely popups.
After putting elegant looking landing pages in place, the next step is to test those pages and employ that data to make new versions of your landing pages. You should look into our post on split testing plug ins.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Drupal CMS Development Services

Drupal is a free and open source modular framework and content management system (CMS) written in PHP. Drupal, like many modern CMS, enables the system administrator to create and organize content, tailor the presentation, automate administrative tasks and handle site visitors and contributors.
Fortune Innovations offers a range of services in Offshore Development for Drupal site design with our competent Drupal development team. We comprehend your web requirement well and our years of experience in serving clients boost our confidence to serve you in better way. We take effort to design exclusive layouts and themes for each of our sites. 
Some of the advantages that Drupal provide are as follows:

  • ·         High quality platform
  • ·         Scalable nature of the CMS
  • ·         Multiple Domain Features
  • ·         Easy to integrate with other solutions
  • ·         Easily customized for any business model
  • ·         Real multi-site-feature (only one installation for several sites)
  • ·         Can run membership and community sites and not only CMS

We at Fortune Innovations have skilled and proficient Drupal developers having wide experience in PHP. Our Drupal developers have tailored and integrated Drupal on many websites and due to its eminence most of the clients prefer Drupal (CMS) development. We have the proficiency to develop community web portals, business websites, discussion sites, personal websites and blogs, intranet applications, resource directories, eCommerce applications, social networking sites in Drupal.
Owing to our expertise, we provide you with the following Drupal services and features:

  • ·         Drupal CMS Development
  • ·         Drupal CMS Customization
  • ·         Drupal Module Development
  • ·         Drupal Template Design and Development
  • ·         Drupal Application Development
  • ·         Drupal Web Development
  • ·         Drupal Deployment

Whether you wish to smoothen the transformation of your website into a customized website with reliable, flexible, user-friendly and impressive functions, or just need a custom CMS development from Fortune Innovations – our team of experts have what it takes to ensure that you have devoted and prompt services to the clients. We will not only keep you up-to-date with the latest requirements of the industry but will also approach to meet the varied requirements of your company.
Let us fulfill your business needs and create a website that makes people go wow!